National Distance Learning Week

NDLW-Logo-NO-Year-or-DateNational Distance Learning Week (NDLW) is a campaign to bring greater awareness to distance learning. Organizations across the country host online events to showcase the value of distance learning. The purpose of NDLW is to generate enthusiasm in the learning community for distance learning. It is a time to celebrate the opportunities distance learning creates for all students and to recognize the individuals and practices that make distance learning successful.

National Distance Learning Week will be celebrated from November 9 – 13, 2015. During NDLW all USDLA sectors will educate their members on the amazing growth in distance learning.

Check out some of the NDLW events being hosted by USDLA and MoDLA member organizations.

MoDLA is proud to be a part of Innovation Showcase, a collaborative effort between Ozark Technical College, Missouri State University, Evangel University and MODLA in celebration of National Distance Learning Week and Missouri Distance Learning Week, November 9 – 13.  For more information please click the image below to visit the site.



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