2011 Conference

Thanks to the hard work a many people and the wonderful talents of our speakers and the eagerness of our attendees, conference was a success. We had fun, we learned a lot and we connected with others in the distance learning community.

Look for exciting new projects and developments to come out of the exchanges made at conference soon.


Conference 2011 Photos

Keynote Presentations

To learn more about our keynote speakers, check out their websites.

Conference Special Thank You

So many people did such a great job to make conference a success. Conference was productive and fun. We want to recognize all of those people who went above and beyond to make huge contributions to the event.

Our Keynote Speakers

Travis Allen and Barry Dahl both gave outstanding presentations, even more outstanding in light of the fact that they each gave a second presentation when two of our other keynotes were unable to attend when their flight was canceled. They were gracious and generous and attendees benefited by having the opportunity to attend an additional presentation from both of these incredible speakers. Thank you Travis and Barry.

Our Photographer

While we all enjoyed attending the sessions, gathering new information, making new contacts, and even having our snacks. Kristina Bridges-Templeton worked tirelessly to get both photographs and video footage of the event. She lugged heavy equipment, fought against terrible lighting, and seemed to be everywhere at once. Her thoughtfulness in interviewing guests, and capturing relevant images will be a great benefit to our organization. Thank you Kristina.

Our Media Support

In order to conserve funds, we elicited the assistance of Ozarks Technical Community College Media Services. Chris Austin brought in projectors, cables, a T.V. and even an extra screen. He made sure every presenter had the equipment they needed and that it was working properly. Chris also created our digital signage and adjusted it for the last minute changes we had in our schedule. Chris was professional, dependable and always found a solution no matter what the situation. Thank you Chris.

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